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Who's That Woman in the Mirror? And Why is She Covered in Sticky Notes?

Hello, my name is Suzanna. And I’m too Emotional.

I’m also too Sensitive, too Needy. I’m IncapableUnqualified. I’m such a SillyGirl.

I’m Mean (if I’m not Nice). Too Loud. Too Quiet. I’m Nice (when I’m not Angry).

My behavior is UnbecomingInappropriateIndecentUnladylikeNaïveNasty.

I’m Like a Sailor (if I cuss). Like a Virgin (when I play Innocent). Like a Whore(when I play).

I’m a Prude. But also a Bad Girl who’s Slutty. A Good Girl who’s Naughty. In short, I’m a MessHelpless. Powerless. Useless.

I’m often Mistaken, and very often Wrong…unless I’m right, then I’m Out of Line. Then I Have It Coming. Because I’m such High Maintenance.

My boobs are too small. My legs are too skinny. My nose too pointy. My clothes are too tight until they’re not tight enough. My hair’s not long enough, but then it’s too short and do I really want to look like a boy? I used to be too young. Now I am too old.

I’m Unworthy. Incompetent. Irrational. Inferior. Not Quite, which means Never Good Enough.

I need to smile more. I need to think less. And I need to be Quiet. Silent. Because shhhh Suzanna, no one wants to hear what you have to say anyway.

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