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I was Married to a Sexual Predator

Harvey Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes, Brett Ratner, Roy Moore…the list goes on and new names are added every day of those men who have been publicly outed as being sexual predators, men who abused their power by harassing and assaulting women who were in less powerful positions. It’s easy to come to a general consensus when the crimes of these men are splashed across the media for us to see. The facts are loud and in our face. We identify with these women; we are sickened by these men. We agree that voices should be raised, consequences should be dealt, change must take place.

I wasn’t able to recognize that I lived with a sexual predator until I was no longer living with him, the day when I could finally take off the rose-colored glasses I wore that had enabled me to endure daily life by downplaying both his behavior outside our home and the emotional abuse he inflicted within it.Over a sixteen-year period, I became ever more adept at excusing his conduct toward women and teenage girls because by all other accounts I had already formed the belief that he was a good guy who simply made mistakes.

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