from there to here: the beauty of freedom

How do we know when the day has come for us to make a run for it, escape, and leave the only thing we've ever known? Even in our darkest suffering, when hope is a tease and as inconceivable as fairy dust, when our dreams have retreated to the corners of our mind, how are we supposed to find courage we don't believe we own, strength we don't think we possess? How do we find a better place when our current map only has the words YOU ARE HERE without any visible roads that will lead us to ANYWHERE BUT HERE?

Sure we can see the sun in the sky, but what if we can't yet feel its light? Is that only one more trick by our subconscious, which hints there might be something better out there?

Because even when we're knee-deep in misery, using every ounce of energy to force the fake smile that the world demands of us (or at least what we think it demands), when the one we love most in the world is the very one who has become the source of our pain, when our eyes are empty of water due to the drought of our soul, and when hope has become as illusive as a unicorn, there is still something that compels us to keep searching.

And that something brought you here. So hang on tight, beautiful, because I'm on the same journey you are, just a bit farther down the road where the darkness of my past has been pushed out by the light. All it took was an honest recognition of where I was to start the engine and begin moving toward where I wanted to be.

If you can recognize where you're at today on that journey, then you can also recognize where you can be tomorrow, in six months, a year, and forever. It's time, my love. Time for you to fly.

Do you need help leaving the darkness behind you for good? I'm here for you.

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